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My latest book Midnight Lunch is in bookstores and online! Learn how you can begin applying Edison's collaboration process in your teams now.  Read step by step how to:

- Make collaboration thrive
- Reskill teams for the digital age
- Foster dialogue and debate
- Leverage social networks
- Inspire catalysts and leaders
- Propel collaborative innovation

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Midnight Lunch 
Featured in Fast Company Magazine

What made Thomas Edison so successful at driving growth and innovation through collaborative teams?

This Fast Company article on Midnight Lunch highlights how Edison's collaboration process can accelerate innovation in teams today. Learn about all 4 phases of collaboration: Capacity, Context, Coherence, and Complexity.  

Midnight Lunch reveals how you can apply the same 4-step approach Edison used to make collaboration a central part of his innovation culture. 

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Epic Innovation Mojo: Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison

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This week's post honors the legacy of Steve Jobs, marking the 3rd anniversary of his death. I take a look at how Jobs' innovation style compares to another great American innovator, Thomas Edison. What can we learn from differences in their innovation styles? Epic Innovation Mojo: Legacy-Making with Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison

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Now you can share Midnight Lunch with your entire team anywhere in the world! Check out the new audio version on Audible.com, Plus, work with your team on concepts in the book using these free worksheets!. Team members can enhance their collaboration skills by sharing their learning with each other!   

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"Inventing the Future, Edison Style"

Sarah Miller Caldicott's TEDx Speech



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Build Competitive Advantage Through Edison’s Five Competencies of Innovation™

I work with organizations that want to bring innovation to their center of their business practices so they can drive growth and create relevance. Drawing upon the timeless innovation methods that propelled Edison's success, I offer innovation training programs, workshops, keynote speeches, and live collaboration experiences that:

  • Inspire you to think like an innovator
  • Create a common language for innovation
  • Identify growth platforms for profitable new products and services
  • Create true collaboration
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills

What processes for innovation do you have in place? Contact me to learn how you can begin to Innovate Like Edison starting now.